Freshly baked Montreal-style bagels.
Locally owned. Small-batch. Served warm.
Evoking memories and nostalgia in every bite.

Did you know?

We offer full custom ordering options… Just add a note to your order at checkout! Do your prefer a certain variety in your assorted dozen? Is there a variety you’d rather we leave out? Do you like your bagels more well done? We want your order to be absolutely perfect for YOU!

Montreal-style bagels.

There’s nothing like noshing on them fresh out of the oven!

We bake our bagels right here at The Nosh, our downtown Kingston micro-bakery. Our dough is made from scratch. Each bagel is hand rolled, boiled in sweetened water and then
generously seeded on both sides before being baked at a high temperature. 

Vegan bagels are available upon request when placing your order.