Freshly baked Montreal-style bagels.
Locally owned. Small-batch. Served warm.
Evoking memories and nostalgia in every bite.



Hours this week:

MON / WED / FRI  11:00-4:00

TUE / THU  10:00-1:00

Pre-Order or walk in to purchase.

Web Pre-ordering always available and encouraged to ensure we have the right amount of your bagels of choice.

Did you know?

Mini Bagels can be selected in the ‘SIZE’ option on our order page.

You can add a note to your order to mix and match specific amounts of each variety (choose ‘Assorted’ from menu) or to request your bagels more well done!

Rosemary Sea Salt + Cinnamon Raisin varieties are also available by request.

Custom orders are our specialty!

We love baking Montreal-style Bagels!

There’s nothing like noshing on them fresh out of the oven. They’re perfectly chewy, slightly sweet and soooo delicious.

All bagels are baked on-site at NOSH.. our beautiful downtown Kingston micro-bakery. 

Our dough is made from scratch.

 Each bagel is hand cut, rolled, boiled and generously seeded on both sides before being baked in our high temperature ovens.

NOSH bagels are dairy / egg /soy /nut free and vegan.